South Coast Soft Wash specialises in exterior house cleaning using both softwash and high pressure equipment. We have invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment from the USA to ensure a faster, smoother, hassle free cleaning service that is more efficient, environmentally friendly and cheaper.

Exterior House Cleaning

As the materials of each house differ, we adjust our approach to achieve an outstanding result each time with minimal impact to the surface. Our Softwash system allows precision mixing of eco friendly soaps and sanitisers that can be tailored to each job. Whether your home is rendered, concrete, brick, weatherboard or painted, our trained staff will thoroughly inspect the condition of each surface before applying the soap solution and rinsing all while using low pressure.

Roof Cleaning

Is  your roof looking dull, blackened and discoloured? South Coast Soft Wash can wash the life back into your roof for a rejuvenated and fresh look. With the Softwash system we apply our biodegradable soap solution, let it go to work on the mould, algae and organic matter that is built up on your roof and then wash it away with low pressure, which can lead to a longer lasting clean without the issues or warranty void of using high pressure. The perfect way to increase street appeal whether you have a cement tile roof, colour bond or terracotta tile roof.

Alternatively, if you a looking for paint removal and preparation of a new paint job for your roof, we can pressure clean your roof to remove paint finishes.

Driveway Cleaning

The first thing guests see when entering your home is the driveway. Give a great first impression with a driveway clean. We use an industrial, eco friendly degreaser that lifts even the most stubborn stains. We can use a mix of both softwash and pressure washing methods to obtain the highest possible clean for the most rewarding results.

Pool Surrounds

Pool areas can get very slippery and become a major slip hazard when wet, which is especially dangerous for little ones or visiting family and friends. Get in touch with South Coast Soft Wash today so we can remove the slippery algae and mould surrounding your pool with our combination of softwash and pressure cleaning for the best results.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Are you getting the most out of your investment? We use the latest in pure water technology with the RO/DI filtration on a waterfed pole which means solar panels can be cleaned without chemicals. Harsh cleaning chemicals can leave a thin film over the solar panel which will attract dust and grime, meaning the maximum output won’t be reached on your energy investment.

Window Cleaning

We use the latest in RO/DI filtration systems along with our 45 foot waterfed pole to allow for streak free window cleaning without chemicals. Suitable for up to 4 stories from the ground, including houses, units, townhouses and low rise commercial buildings.


How much will Softwash cost?

We’ve invested in the latest equipment and technology to ensure our costs are affordable. Every job is different and requires individual evaluation, so contact us for a quote on the job you need done.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare my home before cleaning?

To help us clean only the areas you want to get wet, we ask that there are no clothes on the line, all windows are shut and if possible pets are kept inside.

What if I have water tanks and I choose to get my roof soft washed?

Our trained staff will disconnect and/or divert run off where water tanks are in use.

Are you available to work weekends?

Yes, South Coast Soft Wash are very flexible and can work on weekends to suit your needs.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured to perform work on your home. Our staff are fully qualified and have all current tickets, including Working at Heights.